Why Rabbis Try My Rabbi

Welcome to Try My Rabbi.  Our site is founded on these main values:

Wisdom To allow rabbis to share their sermons online with each other, Jews around the globe and the greater online world.

As a Rabbi you share your wisdom with your congregation on a weekly basis. Be it about Judaism or life/world events, you provide a valuable Jewish perspective that enriches the lives of your congregants.  The value of that perspective should be felt and appreciated beyond the boundaries of your shul. By contributing your unique wisdom to Try My Rabbi in the form of sermons, you share your thoughts and words with thousands of Jews online.

DiscoveryTo allow those seeking to join a community or synagogue to learn of a rabbi’s perspective before choosing to join or attend.  All contributors of sermons to Try My Rabbi are given a rabbi profile to help increase their visibility within our community and online.

Discovery is a core aspect of Judaism.  As Jews we are taught from a very young age to question everything around us and seek out answers.  As a Rabbi this still holds true.  Let Try My Rabbi be a resource to you of other rabbinical sermons that bring different Jewish perspective to meaningful topics.  Inspire others and be referenced by fellow rabbis.

We will share your valuable insights with the world via social media to help more people discover your wisdom. Grow your following and congregation beyond the boundaries of your synagogue.

If you are a rabbi and would like to contribute your sermons to trymyrabbi.com please contact us at info@trymyrabbi.com